DigI-VET - Introduction

Dear readers,

we are very pleased that you have chosen the DigI-VET learning platform. Here you will find great learning modules and also corresponding teacher training courses that will help you to develop and teach the topic of digitization, digitalisation and Industry 4.0 for vocational training.

The special thing about this learning platform is, that you will find the training modules in German, English, Romanian and Greek as well as country-specific content on the module topics under the individual country flags. In total, you have access to 16 learner modules and 6 teacher modules, which are available in the four partner languages, too. This results in a variety of more than 80 variants in total!  

In addition to supplementary materials such as the DigI-VET competence profile, which aims at the skills and competencies of the modules, the European consortium has also developed additional classroom materials in the relevant national languages ​​and made them available for you to download below the relevant training modules.

We look forward to welcoming you here and wish you a successful learning time on the DigI-VET learning platform!


Your DigI-VET project team

Feel free to visit the DigI-VET sMOOC and the Online Observatory!