Here you will find additional support materials for online and face-to-face teaching for the learner and teacher modules.

All other project-related research results, materials, information and guidelines can also be found on our project website and in the DigI-VET book.

Classroom Material

Classroom materials: Supplementary tasks and content for your classroom teaching

DigI-VET Competence Profile Presentation

The DigI-VET competence profile – PowerPoint: Supplementary presentation on the structure and structure of the DigI-VET learner modules / teacher modules

DigI-VET Competence Profile Presentation

Competence Profile and Skills

Competency profile and skills: Supplementary material that lists the most important competencies and skills that should be addressed for the topics of digitization, digitalisation and Industry 4.0

Competence Profile Skills

Competence Profile

Competence profile: The DigI-VET competence profile results from the results of literature research that was carried out in the context of the project and which primarily focus on the vocational educational landscape. Chapter 12 of the DigI-VET book describes the results and the competence profile in detail.

(DigI-VET Book Link pending)

Digitisation Concept for VET

Learning Outcome Matrix

The learning outcome matrix: The DigI-VET Learning Outcomes Matrix (LOM1 and LOM2)) provides insights into the mentioned results, the methodological approaches and possibilities as well as  evaluations.

DiGI-VET Learning Outcome Matrix

Modules For Vocational Education

Modules for vocational training measures: This DigI-VET document explains the structure and content of the DigI-VET training modules for teachers and trainers as well as for learners in the field of vocational education and training.

DiGI-VET Modules for the VET training measures